Free online test series for BITSAT Exam

A good preparation for exam is the most essential key for succeeding in the BITSAT exam. Exams are stress causers, but candidates can relieve themselves of the stress by practicing well before the exam with the help of free online test series. Different websites are offering free online test series for BITSAT exam and candidates can get the help of these web sites for preparing themselves for the exam. By taking up these tests the candidates can improve themselves in their problematic areas and they can identify where do they stand in the competitive arena and they can identify their mistakes and correct themselves by obtaining experience in attending the examinations.

Some of the websites offering free online test series for BITSAT are as follows:

Entrance Corner: offers a series of mock tests for helping the candidates to understand their area of weaknesses. The main advantage of this web site is that it provides All India Rank for the candidates participating. This will enable the candidates to identify their stand in the competitive arena. If the candidates are residing in Hyderabad, they can appear to this exam in test centers as well. The advantage of taking up practice test through this web site is that the candidates can get guidance since it is run by the alumni of IIT and BITS. This is another web site offering free online test series. The main objective of this web site is to help the candidates to expertise in the BITSAT online test. It contains a set of 16 papers according to the syllabus and pattern of BITSAT. But, here out of the 16 papers only the first two tests are free for all candidates irrespective of whether the candidate is a student of resonance or not.


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